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Inherently cost-effective training packages that deliver a big impact in employee education.

Intuitive LMS

Engage learning and track progress with our customer-friendly interface that allows for ease of use without sparing our intelligent comprehensive learning tools.


Not only can you brand the LMS to your organization, you’ll have the ability to upload personalized trainings allowing for a truly unique experience.

Mobile Training

Forge LMS delivers reliable training anywhere. Connect on any device, at any time.


Arming Your Workforce for Victory!


28% of all breaches in 2017 were caused by negligent or uneducated employees according to the 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study


191 average days to identify data breaches with an average of 66 days to contain the breach


$141 is the average cost per lost or stolen records


Hackers attack every 39 seconds according to a study by Clark School of Engineering

Great training starts at the top with supportive senior leadership. As an HR representative, manager, or member of corporate leadership, there are now many options to integrate cybersecurity training and create policies that safeguard your organization, supporting legal, financial, and information technology. Protect sensitive data with a learning management system that can successfully train, track, and help leaders identify where to target valuable educational initiatives to build an effective staff. Education is your greatest defense against internal breaches that can put sensitive company information at risk. A lack of investment in security awareness and regulation training, as well as education in other industry-related areas, leaves an enormous gap for employee error, one of the largest security threats for small business and corporations alike. Forge LMS offers a customized solution to training that directly targets employee education. Avoid your greatest vulnerability with the security of effective training with Forge LMS.

Create innovative training to increase employee awareness and transform end-user behavior with a system that provides targeted education, helping you to reduce risk within your organization. Save time and money with Forge LMS—your first line of defense in a landscape of evolving security risk. Invest in knowledge with employee training to prevent cybersecurity threats and physical vulnerabilities caused from a lack of information.



Built To Scale

Whether you are a small business trying to preserve resources, or at an enterprise level needing the ability handle and assess data from large training groups, Forge LMS can accommodate your individual needs and can grow with you.



Custom Integration

Our user-friendly design allows you to upload your existing material within the system while incorporating your branding for the ultimate personalized experience. Deploy training updates as quickly as they are needed with standardized training to reduce gaps and enhance productivity.

Training on the Go

In our digital landscape, modern learners want resources at their fingertips. Forge LMS allows you to deploy and track online courses with a login so corporate learners aren’t limited by geography.

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