Administrators have the highest level of access within the Forge LMS system. As an administrator, you are able to create new users, assign training packages, review statistics, and create customized training for your business. Use the Forge LMS dashboard to create content, assign user levels, manager user information, and enroll team members in courses. As an administrator, you are able to oversee each person in your organization. Additionally, administrators have the ability to make edits and apply actions to a selection of team members, rather than editing making edits individually.


My company is growing rapidly. I worry that my software might not keep up.

I need to be able to import collected bulk employee information into my training software.

I need to be able to apply actions to a large group of employees to make assigning and reporting efficient.

Each test must be unique to each employee that takes the assigned training.

But there are some questions that I need each employee to be able to answer.

I need to be able to group employees together in a variety of ways, depending on training needs.


A manager level will allow access to an overview of the current training status of each employee on your assigned team. Create full reports for the members of your team help you to identify an individual’s needs in particular testing areas. Manage multiple groups simultaneously with the ability to add filters and view select groups as needed.

I need to create a course report for each employee.

As a manager, I need to have access to an overview of my team’s progress.

I want to make sure my team gets notified when new training is available.


An employee can log on to Forge LMS from any work station or mobile device for any training information pertaining to their individual user access. They can view the sections that are assigned, and see how soon they need to complete the required trainings. A completion certificate can be issued after passing specified trainings for proof of completion.

I need to be able to keep track of my required trainings.

I want to know what trainings are coming up

I need to edit my personal information on the Forge LMS system.

I need to view and download certificates for the courses I have completed.