What is Forge LMS?

Forge LMS is a customizable Learning Management System designed to securely facilitate the most effective and efficient training strategy for your business. Our streamlined platform offers the latest comprehensive training software to facilitate the delivery, documentation, tracking, and reporting of learning courses to ensure that your employees are performing at their best.

My organization must be compliant with HIPAA regulations. Do you offer a course that is updated with the latest standards?

Forge LMS offers built-in compliance courses that cover HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Security. These courses are comprehensive and guaranteed to meet strict compliance regulations and manage required employee trainings to report your organization as compliant.  Downloadable certificates make it easy for employees to have proof of compliance.

How do I install Forge LMS for my business?

Forge LMS is available as a hosted service. By hosting your training platform on our servers, we eliminate the need to maintain the software on site. We take care all of your security and maintenance needs so you don’t have to with regular updates and improvements that are deployed immediately. Digital Forge specializes in the most advanced cybersecurity practices and Forge LMS receives that same detailed attention to safeguarding your information.

Are Forge LMS compliance courses regularly updated to reflect current regulations?

The Forge LMS available courses maintain comprehensive coverage of fully updated rules and regulations—at all times. Any time updates to compliance standards are issued they are immediately revised and instantly distributed to users so you won’t risk noncompliance at any time.

Does my organization really need an LMS?

Well, that depends. If your organization is looking for the most efficient way to train employees, identify learning gaps, and track training status to ensure compliance, we say, yes! Online training can significantly reduce your training costs, it also implements consistency by reproducing training methods throughout your staff, and allows for flexibility with no scheduling restrictions. Comprehensive reporting offers a quick overview to help managers make sure their teams are up to date on current regulations. These are just a few of the benefits you experience by incorporating an LMS to your training program.

Is the Forge LMS system right for my industry?

Forge LMS was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries that rely on efficient training for employee accuracy. We cater to almost any industry with training needs. Our customizable user experience allows you to make Forge LMS be what you need it to be! We believe that Forge LMS is great for, but not limited to the following industries: Healthcare and Life Sciences, Education, Retail, Finance, Hospitality, Payment Services, Utilities, Law, and Technology.

How can I make sure the LMS system I use for my organization is secure?

Forge LMS comes with built-in security controls to ensure ultimate protection for your organization. Features such as password encryption that issue each individual user JSON Web Tokens each time they log on to access their account on any device is an example of our ongoing commitment to your security. Company data is segregated by company to mitigate any risk of data spillage. By default, web pages use HTTPS. Digital Forge is a team with 20+ years’ experience in cybersecurity. Our products are designed with built-in security and unmatched support.

Are there features of Forge LMS that will simplify employee training?

Forge LMS offers a seamless user experience with a customizable platform to help you manage content distribution, digital forms, and employee performance with intuitive controls and automated reporting. Automated emails keep employees on track during their learning journey with reminders and prompts when assigned trainings may be getting close or become past due. Administrators gain company insight into employee training needs with our intuitive interface. Completely mobile friendly—take trainings on-the-go to allow your staff the flexibility of completing trainings at their convenience. Forge LMS has the ability to upload bulk information that integrates seamlessly within the platform. Forge LMS has simplified training, allowing you to see a return on your investment in no time at all through effective material distribution and employee efficiency.