Training & Certifications

Forge LMS allows you to deliver, track, and certify training with your organization at any size. Regulatory compliance protocols are constantly in flux due to the rapid growth of threats and vulnerabilities as technology gets more advanced and sophisticated. Forge LMS offers a solution for comprehensive training in the following areas that will automatically prompt updates, ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest changes of relevant sections. Help your business save time and money with available packages in the following areas:

Compliance Training

HIPAA Compliance

The HIPAA Privacy Act stipulates a strict set of guidelines to protect healthcare and other industries who handle Protected Health Information (PHI). Knowing the principles set out by HIPAA are imperative to the safety of your organization and noncompliance has serious legal repercussions. Our training is comprehensive and updated with ongoing changes to keep you compliant at all times.

HIPAA Security

Our HIPAA Security training provides specifications on the particular implementations that relate to security when dealing with Protected Health Information (PHI). Gain the critical knowledge to safeguard your organization through our module on security protocol and procedures regarding access, harmful attacks, monitoring, and much more.

Teleworker Training

Our training for teleworkers course provides instruction on the fundamentals of telework. Our web-based training is geared toward establishing a successful teleworker community that is results-driven and self-managing for optimal performance for remote employees. Learn to communicate expectations, establish a functional telework process, and collaborate effectively in a mobile workplace environment.

Workplace Safety

Fire Safety

General workplace fire safety is an imperative precaution for every business. Easily train your employees on fire safety preparedness to offer the basics necessary for an emergency situation.

Health and Safety

As part of our corporate learning and development training, our health and safety training promotes best practices to prevent modern occupational hazards in the workplace.

Leadership Training

Leadership Management

Investing in the development of your employees is crucial to the evolution of your organization. Our leadership management training will help to unlock the potential in your talented employees and associates through guided modules.


Workplace harassment is a common employee complaint and goes unnoticed and underdisciplined far too often. Each employee has a right to feel safe in the workplace. Our harassment training helps you to reduce the likelihood of an occurrence by providing a thorough education on acceptable intra-office behavior.

Effective Communications

No organization can be successful without effective interpersonal communication. We offer extensive training on communication fundamentals to enhance efficiency and avoid mistakes that could cause potential vulnerabilities in your business practices. We highly recommend that every employee take this essential training.

Conflict in the Workplace

Having employees that can appropriately handle conflict in the workplace is essential to the health of any organization. Utilize this comprehensive training to improve intra-office relationships and build teams with better resolution skills.

Customer Care

The need for talented customer service professionals has never been greater in order to provide a high standard of service for your clients and customers. Our custom training imparts the skills to improve on problem solving and communication to elevate your service, product, and brand.


Like other important communication skills, diversity training is meant to facilitate knowledge to promote a tolerant work environment that allows individuals to work together effectively. Reduce the occurrence of prejudice and discrimination with our diversity training and experience more positive awareness among your employees.

Effective Meetings

Meetings are meant to enhance productivity, allow for effective collaboration, and disperse important information. When ineffective, meetings can cost you valuable time and money. Train your organization on the best practices to drive performance and productivity with our Effective Meetings training.

Workplace Ethics

Our workplace ethics training provides instruction in ethical decision making and behavior. Protect your organization by providing these valuable skills to each member of your staff.

GRC 101

Our training on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) provides beneficial knowledge on the tools that relate to security and compliance departments, as well as software structures. Learn more about the systems that help you to stay compliant and manage risk in your organization.

Compliance Officer Training

This course introduces students to the multifaceted components of the compliance landscape. As a compliance officer, one requires the skills to develop, implement, and monitor a successful company-wide program based on strict regulatory guideline. This primer is the first stop to gain insight into how an officer would conduct internal reviews, audits, risk assessments, and provide and manage staff education and training.

Preparation Trainings

HITRUST Primer Course

As the gold standard in compliance certification, our HITRUST introduction course is a valuable tool as you prepare to your organization to become HITRUST certified. Learn risk management practices, steps to integrate the CSF framework, cybersecurity threats, and other details that comprise this primer to become HITRUST certified.

Patient Rights

Our course on patient rights helps healthcare professionals understand and implement patient rights as a professional responsibility. Learners will learn the importance of being responsive to patient needs by effectively addressing concerns and inspiring active participation in the patient’s individual health.

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