Forge Ahead

At Digital Forge, we understand that there are many obstacles that can arise with training an effective and profitable staff. We believe that you should have access to a streamlined approach to employee instruction that avoids the inefficiencies of outdated training systems, all while saving you valuable time, energy, and money:

Introducing Forge LMS—a web-based training software that was created to be reliable, customizable, and easy to use. Finally, a specialized training system that allows you to tailor training to your organization’s needs, while providing managers the effective tools to measure and improve employee success.

We’ve made it our mission to simplify the world of training and compliance by being at the forefront of LMS technology, helping your business to implement the future of learning management systems. Effective training is a crucial aspect of your success and Forge LMS makes it possible.

We are committed to helping organizations and small businesses succeed with the application of intuitive compliance training using our premier Learning Management System. We are driven by the belief that leading-edge solutions in technology can help your organization simplify and navigate the training process to help you operate effectively while saving valuable time and resources. Train, monitor, and evaluate your employees with Forge LMS—let us do the work for you.